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".WS" Domain Name Registration

Registration of domain names in the ".WS" Top Level Domain (TLD) is open to anyone. Registration costs for second level domains are as follows:

Current Fees (in US Dollars)
4+ letters
(for examle ABCD.WS)
$70 per Two year
3 letter
(for examle ABC.WS)
$2000 per Two year
1 or 2 letters
(for examle AB.WS)
$5000 per Two year

Third level domains under .COM.WS, .NET.WS, .ORG.WS, .GOV.WS and .EDU.WS are $70 for the first two years then $35 per year thereafter.

All prices quoted are in US dollars.

All domain registrations are subject to our Domain Registration Policies.

Please note that domains will not become active on the Internet until payment is received in full. 

In order to expedite processing, an invoice suitable for printing will be available in the Customer Sign In area. If a printed and mailed invoice is requested, a US$5.00 statement fee will be added to the total amount due, per invoice.

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Domain Web and Email Forwarding

If you want to register a domain in the ".WS" TLD, but you don't have a DNS server of your own, you can take advantage of our Web and Email Forwarding service. For US$49.00 per year (in addition to the registration fee) your domain will be placed on our SamoaNIC.ws domain name servers, and you will receive WebSite forwarding to a single URL, plus email forwarding to a designated email address.

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Domain Parking

If you want to register a domain but don't need to have it active at this time, you can take advantage of our free Domain Parking Service. With this service, your domain resides on one of our servers and a default "Under Construction" page is displayed. This is a great option if you just want to reserve a name now for future use.


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